Workshops and 1-on-1 Training

Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. The learning, sharing, guiding and the opening up of the group points toward your gift as a teacher and a healer. You teach from your compassionate heart.

M.J., Madison, WI-Healing Touch Level 1 student

Healing Touch Workshops

Katie offers 1-on-1 training and a variety of group workshops that teach specific Healing Touch techniques for addressing health concerns and supporting wellness. Topics include first aid methods, pain relief, stress management, how to prevent burnout, preparing and recovering from surgery, energy balancing, children’s workshops, and more. Custom workshops for your group or organization are also available.

Katie Oberlin gently brushes the energy fields around a seated client.

1-on-1 Training

Why individual training?

The idea of offering 1-on-1 training emerged as a culmination of many years of experience as a biology teacher and Healing Touch instructor, as well working with hundreds of clients in my ongoing energy healing practice of nearly 20 years.

What I came to realize was that there was never enough time at the end of a session to teach self care methods. With 1-on-1 training we can dedicate the full hour for you to learn and practice some powerful self-healing techniques tailored to your specific interests and needs.

Benefits of 1-on1 Training

Sessions provide an opportunity to enhance self-care and learn energy healing methods to help family and friends. These methods can be effective in:

  • Alleviating physical symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and side-effects from medication
  • Addressing emotional concerns related to anxiety, depression, grief, anger, and trauma
  • Clearing limiting beliefs and achieving mental clarity, focus, and concentration
  • Opening to spiritual connection and guidance

What can I expect from a 1-on-1 Session?

During your one-on-one training sessions (60 minutes) you will:

  1. Receive an in-depth explanation of the human energy system
  2. Participate in a guided meditation to assess your energy system and tune in to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
  3. Identify your specific goals and intentions
  4. Learn one or more Healing Touch techniques, specifically chosen based on your interests and needs, that can be used on self, family, and friends

How much do 1-on-1 sessions cost?

60-minute one-on-one training sessions are $120.

Selected Group Workshop Topics

A selection of available workshop topics include:

Care for the Caregiver

This hands-on workshop addresses the challenges of caregiving, the reality of burnout, and teaches specific Healing Touch methods for achieving more balance and vitality. Ideal for professional caregivers such as nurses, nurse assistants, chaplains, counselors, therapists, doctors, and teachers, as well as parents caring for children, and adult children caring for aging parents.

Pain Relief: An Energetic Approach with Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a holistic approach that addresses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health without medication.

  • Are you experiencing acute or chronic pain, headaches, grief, anxiety?
  • Are you a healthcare professional looking for easy self-care methods to teach your patients/clients?

This hands-on class will teach you four simple Healing Touch methods to find relief from symptoms and support healing in yourself and others.

Energy Medicine for Preventative Medicine

The health of our energy system has a powerful impact on our overall health. By reducing stress and keeping our energy fields clear, we can enhance our ability to maintain good health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

This experiential workshop includes:

  • An overview of the human energy system
  • A holistic self assessment exercise
  • Specific Healing Touch techniques used to clear and balance the energy system to enhance your health

Strengthening Your Energetic Boundaries

Find out how the Chakra Connection, and other Healing Touch methods, can help strengthen your energetic boundaries:

  • Do you feel drained when you are around certain people?
  • Do you feel as if people take advantage of you or you have a hard time saying no?
  • Do you consider yourself an empath with a tendency to take on other people’s issues and problems?

Learn simple Healing Touch methods for protection, more energy, and to become more grounded.

Healing from Trauma with Healing Touch and Shamanic Healing

This workshop will help you understand what happens energetically in our bodies when we experience trauma.

  • Are you holding tension/pain in your body that won’t seem to release?
  • Have you experienced repeated injuries to the same place in your body?
  • Do you experience relationships and/or patterns of behavior that seem to hold you back?
  • Have you found yourself saying, “Ever since ___ I haven’t felt the same?”

You will receive hands on practice in assessing where the pain is located and releasing energy blocks associated with trauma to help yourself heal. We will conclude the workshop with a guided drum journey.

Stress Management

This workshop offers strategies to help reduce the effects of stress and accelerate healing in yourself and others. Find out what happens both physiologically and energetically when we experience stress, and learn stress-reducing techniques such as:

  • Centering, grounding, attuning
  • Magnetic Passes and Magnetic Clearing
  • Mind Clearing

Curious about custom workshops?

Katie enjoys offering Introduction to Healing Touch, customized workshops, and retreats for schools (teachers as well as children ages 6 and up), neighborhood groups, offices, hospitals, healing centers, community centers, libraries and other organizations. Contact Katie to discuss your workshop needs.

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With a deep fascination and reverence for the natural world, a lifelong hunger for learning about holistic approaches to healthcare, and a sincere desire to share this knowledge with others as a way to enhance their health and lives, I look forward to connecting with you!

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