Frequent Questions

How much do sessions cost?

Session fees are $120/hour:

  • 60 minutes $120
  • 75 minutes $150
  • 90 minutes $180

How long is an appointment?

The initial appointment (usually 75-90 minutes) typically includes:

  1. an explanation of Healing Touch® and Shamanic Healing, and my approach to the work
  2. a discussion of the client’s health history and their goals/intentions
  3. a full healing session and suggestions for self care

Follow-up appointments (usually 60-75 minutes) include:

  1. an update since the last session
  2. a full healing session and continuing suggestions for self care

What does Healing Touch® therapy feel like?

Most people feel deeply relaxed and occasionally experience a dream-like or meditative state. You might feel a variety of sensations such as tingling, temperature fluctuations, internal movement, or emotional release. Sometimes you will not feel any sensations. Each person is different, and each session is different.

The session ends with a short period of rest, which allows the work to begin integrating. You will be encouraged to drink water while we discuss your experience and any insights you gained from the treatment.

Learn more about Healing Touch therapy here.

What should I expect after my Healing Touch® session?

Your energy will continue to shift for a few days after the session. I will recommend simple things you can do to promote the continued healing and suggest methods of self-care. Learn more about Healing Touch therapy here.

What happens during a Shamanic Healing session?

Each one of us has our own story, our own set of life experiences that can be of great benefit, but can also create patterns that lead to illness and dysfunction. Learn more about Shamanic Healing here.

Get in Touch

I am a Healing Touch® Certified Practitioner and a Shamanic Healing Practitioner. I’m happy to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consult for new clients to talk about your interests and needs, share my approach to healing, and help you decide if I might be a good fit for you.

Or, call (847) 736-5911 to request an appointment. Remote healing via Skype or phone is also available.