Shamanic Healing

I have been feeling a huge sense of connection with my energy and self lately. I know this is largely due to what you have taught me about nature and balance. I’ve been given so many abundant gifts of knowledge through your gentle healing and I just wanted to share my appreciation.”

– J.D., Chicago, IL-Shamanic Healing client

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality and healing on the planet, dating back 25,000 years. It is an approach that involves connecting with Spirit and nature as “medicine,” and enhancing our ability to release trauma and old patterns so that we can reclaim our inner power. The practical benefits of Shamanic Healing include finding freedom from physical and emotional pain, deepening our relationships, and developing a sense of clarity in our life purpose.

Katie Oberlin in a green park smiles as she bangs a ceremonial drum for Summer Solstice.

What happens during a shamanic healing session?

Each one of us has our own story, our own set of life experiences that can be of great benefit, but can also create patterns that lead to illness and dysfunction.

As a shamanic practitioner, I have experienced the beauty and power of nature in healing, and have come to understand that true healing is possible only when it incorporates our body, mind and spirit. To do this, I tap into the energy of different plants, animals, and minerals to support your healing. I use icaros, which are healing songs, as well as percussion instruments such as rattles, drums, and chimes, to move and transform energy. Sessions often include guided imagery, soul retrieval and extraction of non-resonant energy.

The ultimate goal is to learn from our life experiences, find our way to true freedom from obstacles, and reconnect with the truth of who we are.

Energy Clearing of Homes and Offices

shamanic healing
  • Are you, your family, or colleagues experiencing lethargy?
  • Does the air in your home or office feel heavy?
  • Does something feel “off” but you can’t identify what it is?

Stagnant energy can accumulate in your environment, resulting in fatigue, irritability, and lack of creativity. Through a process of attunement, clearing and protection, your space will feel lighter. It’s like infusing your environment with a breath of fresh air! During the session, you will be invited to observe and participate. I will teach you some simple methods for keeping your space clear, and make recommendations for follow-up treatments if necessary.

Shamanic Healing Circles

shamanic healing

Please inquire about Shamanic healings for your group or organization.

During her shamanic healing circles, Katie typically guides a small group (6-12 people) in a drum journey to elicit a meditative state and create space for each participant to connect with their animal totem and Spirit guides for insight and heightened awareness. She then goes around the circle and spends some time with each person singing icaros and offering an individual healing. As this is happening, a group energy is created that benefits all. There is always a ceremonial closing followed by time for integration so participants can share their experience if so desired, ask questions, and discuss how to incorporate shamanism into our daily lives.

Sessions and Pricing

What can I expect from my initial shamanic healing session?

The initial appointment (usually 75-90 minutes) typically includes:

  1. an explanation of shamanic healing, and my approach to the work
  2. a discussion of your health history and goals/intentions
  3. a full healing session and suggestions for self care

What can I expect from follow-up appointments?

Follow-up appointments (usually 60-75 minutes) include:

  1. an update since the last session
  2. a full healing session and continuing suggestions for self care

What are your session fees?

Session fees are $120 / hour.

  • 60 minutes $120
  • 75 minutes $150
  • 90 minutes $180

Schedule a Session

Contact me top schedule a session or to request more information. I am happy to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consult for new clients to talk about your interests and needs, share my approach to healing, and help you decide if I might be a good fit for you.

Or, call me at: (847) 736-5911