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Healing Touch Level 1 Class (18 CEUS)

Next Date: Jan. 26-27, 2019
At Cancer Wellness Center, 215 Revere Dr., Northbrook

Regular Tuition: $497
AHNA/HTPA Member Tuition: $447
Full Time Student: $297
Repeat Student: $247

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Discount Packages: Healing Touch Program is now offering discounts for people interested in purchasing multiple levels of training. For class packages, go HERE. Please be sure to indicate that you were referred by Katie Oberlin. Thanks!

Are you ready to learn natural ways to help yourself and others feel better?

Healing Touch helps you embrace compassion in your work and world. With Healing Touch you can gently and significantly impact body-mind-spirit well being. After your first Healing Touch class you will possess a life-changing gift that you can offer over and over again to support health and facilitate the healing process for your patients and loved ones. These skills will deepen your personal and professional growth.

This Healing Touch weekend workshop is an experiential course where you will learn how to use your hands to promote relaxation and well-being, relieve headaches, pain, congestion, and stress.

This class is designed for anyone looking to enhance wellness in themselves and others through energetic touch. Healthcare professionals and non-professionals alike will gain an in-depth understanding of how energy-based healing works and learn 12 simple techniques that support health and facilitate the healing process. Healing Touch methods are easily integrated into patient care for nurses, physicians, body therapists, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, chaplains, and others. These skills will deepen your personal and professional growth.

In this interactive, experiential class, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of the human energy system and how it is related to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health
  • Meditation techniques for centering, grounding, attuning and setting intentions for healing
  • How to assess the human energy system
  • Techniques to apply to yourself and others to support health and facilitate the healing response, promote relaxation and well-being, relieve headaches, pain, congestion, stress, and more.
  • Applications of Healing Touch in personal and professional practice

Who should attend?

All levels of health practitioners and interested lay people.

What is Healing Touch?

Healing Touch is a gentle, complementary energy-based approach to health and healing. The goal is to restore harmony and balance to the human energy system through a heart-centered caring relationship and the use of contact/non-contact touch. This can greatly assist the body and mind in its natural ability to heal. Healing Touch is an evidence based practice that offers continuing education for nurses and massage therapists.

Healing Touch is:

  • A modality that utilizes off body or light touch methods to help clear congestion, relieve pain, facilitate balance, and promote mind-body-spirit healing
  • An international certification program
  • A holistic practice that demonstrates Caring Science/Caring Theory (Dr. Jean Watson)
  • Research based (www.HealingTouchResearch.com)
  • Integrated in over 40 hospitals; taught in over thirty countries

Level 1 Objectives:

  • Describe the human energy system as it relates to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health
  • Discuss energy principles basic to Healing Touch
  • Assess the energy field and energy centers
  • Identify the Basic Healing Touch Sequence
  • Demonstrate specific intervention techniques used in Healing Touch
  • Discuss applications of Healing Touch in personal and professional practice

Level 1 Course Content:

  • Basics of chakras, energy system and energy field
  • Meditation for centering and maintaining energy
  • Principles and practice of Healing Touch
  • Selected Intervention techniques: Magnetic Passes: Hands in Motion and Hands Still, Magnetic Clearing, Chakra Connection (1 on 1, 2 on 1, self), Headache Techniques (tension, migraine & sinus), Ultrasound, Laser, Chakra Spread, Scudder (optional) and Mind Clearing (optional)
  • Principles of self healing
  • Development of the healer
  • Legal and professional aspects of touch therapies

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