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6 Reasons We Hold Onto Things That No Longer Serve and How Shamanic Healing Helps

This month we have been looking at a great question that my client, Olivia, asked at the end of a recent shamanic healing session: “Why do we hold on to things that no longer serve?” Thanks to Olivia, and all of my readers who provided input, I’ve been able to distill many ideas about this important […]

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Shamanic Healing Takes Us Deeper When We Ask Questions

Olivia came to see me for a shamanic healing session (read last week’s blog) because she was aware of aspects of herself that she didn’t like. She attributed this to a recent trauma and hoped that clearing the trauma would help her be more authentic in her relationships. With each shamanic healing I follow a […]

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How Emotional Healing Helps You Experience Your “Lightest Self”

In recent weeks we’ve been following the healing journey of my client Anne as she’s dealt with Lyme disease. Anne has made some significant shifts around forgiving herself and accepting that her illness is not her fault. In fact, uncovering negative beliefs and restrictive ways of thinking have been an important part of the healing […]

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The Power of Healing Touch: Viewing Illness Through A New Lens

During our initial appointment, my client Anne, an active woman in her 20s, shared with me a challenging health history. She contracted Lyme Disease five years ago and went through a long period of feeling drained and helpless and not knowing why. More recently, she traveled to South America, where she got parasites adding to […]

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Connecting the Dots Between Physical and Emotional Pain

May is Mental Health Awareness month, a fitting time to take a deeper look at how emotional and mental distress can play a part in chronic pain. Earlier this month I gave several examples of how pain can show up not only as migraines, fatigue, and muscle aches, but also as grief and anxiety. I described […]

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Healing Touch Addresses Chronic Pain Without Medication

Imagine picking up a one-pound rock and holding it in your hand with your arm extended. Easy, right? Keep holding it…keep holding it…and it won’t take long before your arm begins to hurt. The longer you hold the rock, the more it hurts. Of course, you could put the rock down but let’s say you […]

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Great News for People Suffering from Trauma: Healing Touch Helps!

There is much in the news these days about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Successful treatment usually involves a combination of talk therapy and antidepressant medications. However, a number of other approaches, including Healing Touch, are emerging and gaining traction due to their effectiveness. A recent study was conducted to determine if Healing Touch with guided […]

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Healing Touch For Babies: Benefits for All Ages

One of my favorite activities is to teach Healing Touch techniques to the whole family, especially when they are welcoming a new addition. In a recent Healing Touch for Babies class, we studied 3 aspects of energy therapy that I find particularly compelling. “Family Centered Care” puts the emphasis on the FAMILY, from conception through […]