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Health Tip As We Transition from Winter to Spring

As we transition from Winter to Spring, here is a health tip for you. If you think about it, there are many emotions associated with anticipation and transition. This exercise can help you process these emotions: 1) Take a minute to become centered and grounded, breathing in and out slowly, bringing your attention to your heart center, and […]

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A Poetic Look at Transition

In keeping with the “transitions” theme for March, I turned to my favorite poet, Mary Oliver. “Herons In Winter In the Frozen Marsh” elicits a sense of courage and stoicism, with a bit of ambiguity about the herons’ survival, while ending with a message of hope. I am so moved by this poem because it eloquently […]

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March: A Month of Transition

Can you recall a time when you were anticipating a big change in your life? Perhaps you’re in that situation right now. Excitement and impatience might be right there on the surface, but when you explore what’s underneath those feelings, you may encounter trepidation and fear of the unknown. The month of March can be […]