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Psychological Stress and Heart Health

This month my focus is on the connection between psychological stress and heart health. A recent New York Times article, “Stress May Be Your Heart’s Worst Enemy” outlines the results of a study published in November 2021 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), as well as other studies showing a link between […]

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Self Mind Clearing Technique

In this video I’d like to guide you through one of my favorite Healing Touch techniques. It’s called the Self Mind Clearing. The reason it’s one of my favorites is because it is very simple but so effective in many many ways. It can promote general relaxation. But in addition to that you can find relief from headaches. You can improve your sleep. It can help calm worry and rumination and anxiety. It can also help with focus and concentration, and even help open us up to insights, into seeing things in a whole new way. I hope you enjoy this Self Mind Clearing technique.

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Breath: A Powerful Ally for Healing

Have you ever considered your breath as a powerful ally for your healing and overall well being? We know at a physical level that we need breath to keep us alive. With each inhalation, we bring in life-sustaining oxygen and with each exhalation we release carbon dioxide, a substance that can be toxic if the […]

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How Your Words and Actions Point The Way To Your Power

Ever hear yourself saying these words? I need to gather my energy. I need to be more balanced. I want to feel calm and centered. This is exactly what Yolande said when stating her intention during a recent Healing Touch session. Yolande has two teenage daughters and a demanding career that requires frequent international travel. […]

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Has Activism Left You Burned Out? Here’s How To Respond Rather Than React

This month a theme has emerged for me around the bitterness and burnout we’re experiencing in the news and on social media. I’ve written about the anxiety and frustration I’ve felt in this area and how I’ve set an intention to be a voice of positivity and hope. That’s why I’m delighted to be speaking […]

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Newsletter 2/10/17

It’s hard to believe it has been more than two months since I last sent this newsletter. Seems it was a tumultuous fall for everyone for a variety of reasons. For me, a whole series of events occurred, including the passing of my mother on December 1st, which sent me on a slightly new trajectory. During […]