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What does it mean to pray with nature?

It was a magnificent autumn day in Colorado. The mountains in the distance, the valley below, and everything around me appeared vibrant and colorful yet serene. My inner landscape, on the other hand, portrayed a much different picture. I was feeling an unidentifiable nagging unsettledness and resistance, difficult to name but somehow knowing it was […]

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Change VS Transformation

Change is what we do when we are flipping from one channel to the next, or when we choose a different hair color. It may bring something different…but you can always go back. Transformation, on the other hand, is evolution. Like baking cookies…you can’t go back.

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Anchor Your New Year’s Resolutions With Energy

Every January for the past several years, I’ve noticed that the parking lot is PACKED at the health club where I swim and take yoga classes. And, it never fails that I hear the same joke year after year: “Don’t worry. By February the crowds will be gone.” This year has been no different…but it can be!