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Self Mind Clearing Technique

In this video I’d like to guide you through one of my favorite Healing Touch techniques. It’s called the Self Mind Clearing. The reason it’s one of my favorites is because it is very simple but so effective in many many ways. It can promote general relaxation. But in addition to that you can find relief from headaches. You can improve your sleep. It can help calm worry and rumination and anxiety. It can also help with focus and concentration, and even help open us up to insights, into seeing things in a whole new way. I hope you enjoy this Self Mind Clearing technique.

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How the Simple Act of Caring Can Transform Your Work and Life

This month I’d like to share some thoughts with you that have emerged from a continuing education class I’m taking called, “Caring Science, Mindful Practice,” based on the work of Jean Watson and Thich Nhat Hanh, two leaders in the fields of mindfulness and heart-centered healing. We were asked to reflect on: “What is caring professional […]

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In This Season of Homecoming, Come Home to Your Heart

Last month my blogs followed the journey of my client Anne and her struggle with Lyme disease. Anne was able to reach a level of healing that allowed her to pursue her dream of spending a year in Ireland. She writes, “This country is gorgeous, and I feel that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to […]

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Has Activism Left You Burned Out? Here’s How To Respond Rather Than React

This month a theme has emerged for me around the bitterness and burnout we’re experiencing in the news and on social media. I’ve written about the anxiety and frustration I’ve felt in this area and how I’ve set an intention to be a voice of positivity and hope. That’s why I’m delighted to be speaking […]

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Insights from Sandra Ingerman

I want to share with you something that came to my attention shortly after I sent my last “Health Tip for the Week” urging you to turn off the news and social media. It comes from Sandra Ingerman who is an inspiring and highly regarded shamanic teacher. I saw it on, of all places, Facebook! […]

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This Isn’t What I Ordered

I had a dream that someone was holding a plate of spaghetti and meatballs in front of me. I heard my voice. “This isn’t what I ordered, but it looks really good.” Then I woke up. Or did I? When we think we are awake, are we really awake? Or are we on auto-pilot, living, […]

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How to Reduce Stress With Centering and Grounding

One of the most common complaints I hear from clients is that they feel stressed. And in this crazy world, who doesn’t? Stress affects our daily lives. It contributes to emotional upheaval, and is now considered a major contributing factor in chronic illnesses. Thankfully, the impact of stress can be significantly reduced with a little […]