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Clarity: The Unexpected Gift of Chronic Illness

In each of my Healing Touch sessions I work with my clients to set an intention around what they want to experience. A goal I hear often is the desire to move forward. But how do you move forward when you’re feeling so exhausted the next steps are not clear? My client Anne was struggling […]

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How Your Words and Actions Point The Way To Your Power

Ever hear yourself saying these words? I need to gather my energy. I need to be more balanced. I want to feel calm and centered. This is exactly what Yolande said when stating her intention during a recent Healing Touch session. Yolande has two teenage daughters and a demanding career that requires frequent international travel. […]

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Healing Touch for the Elderly

Barbara is 96, and after being hospitalized for congestive heart failure, she spent two months recuperating in a nursing home rehab facility. Once her progress in physical therapy plateaued, it was determined that she would continue to make good progress at home. Barbara was extremely anxious about returning to her own home. Although she was […]

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A New Twist on Mind Clearing

As a Healing Touch practitioner, I often use a technique called Mind Clearing, which helps to balance people’s mental and emotional states and make them feel calm and centered. When I administer Mind Clearing, I apply a series of 10 different hand positions slowly and methodically to the client’s head and neck. First, I sink […]