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5 Ways Healing Touch Gives You a New Lens on Healing

In recent weeks I have been writing a series of articles about my client, Anne, and her healing journey. Anne is healing from Lyme disease and trauma, but our work together beautifully illustrates how Healing Touch facilitates healing in any situation. Though Anne came to me frustrated and ready to give up, she was also […]

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Clarity: The Unexpected Gift of Chronic Illness

In each of my Healing Touch sessions I work with my clients to set an intention around what they want to experience. A goal I hear often is the desire to move forward. But how do you move forward when you’re feeling so exhausted the next steps are not clear? My client Anne was struggling […]

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How Emotional Healing Helps You Experience Your “Lightest Self”

In recent weeks we’ve been following the healing journey of my client Anne as she’s dealt with Lyme disease. Anne has made some significant shifts around forgiving herself and accepting that her illness is not her fault. In fact, uncovering negative beliefs and restrictive ways of thinking have been an important part of the healing […]

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The Power of Healing Touch: Viewing Illness Through A New Lens

During our initial appointment, my client Anne, an active woman in her 20s, shared with me a challenging health history. She contracted Lyme Disease five years ago and went through a long period of feeling drained and helpless and not knowing why. More recently, she traveled to South America, where she got parasites adding to […]