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Healing the Hara to Find Your Way Home

When I met Genevieve for the first time, she said she had a history of living in darkness and fear. She described herself as being submissive and vulnerable to men and used words like stuck, scared, disconnected, and confused. As I do with all new clients, I explained that Healing Touch and shamanic healing work […]

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How the Simple Act of Caring Can Transform Your Work and Life

This month I’d like to share some thoughts with you that have emerged from a continuing education class I’m taking called, “Caring Science, Mindful Practice,” based on the work of Jean Watson and Thich Nhat Hanh, two leaders in the fields of mindfulness and heart-centered healing. We were asked to reflect on: “What is caring professional […]

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The Key to Growing Through Life’s Challenges

In my recent blog, “Gratitude for the Pain,” I wrote that all of life’s challenges have hidden messages and provide opportunities to be grateful for how these challenges actually support our growth. In response, one of my readers sent me a note and shared that several people in his life are dealing with incredible tragedy or […]

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5 Ways Healing Touch Gives You a New Lens on Healing

In recent weeks I have been writing a series of articles about my client, Anne, and her healing journey. Anne is healing from Lyme disease and trauma, but our work together beautifully illustrates how Healing Touch facilitates healing in any situation. Though Anne came to me frustrated and ready to give up, she was also […]

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Clarity: The Unexpected Gift of Chronic Illness

In each of my Healing Touch sessions I work with my clients to set an intention around what they want to experience. A goal I hear often is the desire to move forward. But how do you move forward when you’re feeling so exhausted the next steps are not clear? My client Anne was struggling […]

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Looking For Your Calling? Here’s How I Found Mine.

Have you ever felt you were led by Sprit to exactly the right thing in your life? There was a time in my life when I was a happy at-home mom with four children, a tennis club membership, and a rewarding volunteer position at Midwest Palliative and Hospice CareCenter. But as my children got older, […]

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Four Chambers of the Heart: A Shamanic Perspective

Those who appreciate anatomy marvel at the heart, a beautifully intricate four-chambered organ that beats over 100,000 times per day and delivers nearly 2000 gallons of life sustaining blood to every cell in our body. If we go beyond the physical, we learn much from the indigenous people of equatorial Africa who describe the four chambers of […]