5 minutes to read

Breath: A Powerful Ally for Healing

Have you ever considered your breath as a powerful ally for your healing and overall well being? We know at a physical level that we need breath to keep us alive. With each inhalation, we bring in life-sustaining oxygen and with each exhalation we release carbon dioxide, a substance that can be toxic if the […]

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In This Season of Homecoming, Come Home to Your Heart

Last month my blogs followed the journey of my client Anne and her struggle with Lyme disease. Anne was able to reach a level of healing that allowed her to pursue her dream of spending a year in Ireland. She writes, “This country is gorgeous, and I feel that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to […]

1 minute read

Health Tip: Time to Press the Reset Button?

I don’t know about you, but to me it feels as if a lot is shifting, in both our internal and external environments. Something that always helps when we need to press the reset button is to remember The Four Agreements: Be impeccable with your word. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do […]

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How Your Words and Actions Point The Way To Your Power

Ever hear yourself saying these words? I need to gather my energy. I need to be more balanced. I want to feel calm and centered. This is exactly what Yolande said when stating her intention during a recent Healing Touch session. Yolande has two teenage daughters and a demanding career that requires frequent international travel. […]

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Why Self Care Is Good for You, the Planet, and Beyond

Stretching out on a treatment table and entering a state of deep relaxation while you receive Healing Touch is heavenly! And experience shows that healing energies can continue to move through us for a few days after a session. What if there was something that could be done to enhance the work and extend the […]