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Gratitude for the Pain

As Thanksgiving and the holidays approach, we hear messages everywhere encouraging us to focus on gratitude. But if you are in the midst of pain or distress, it can be extremely difficult to shift into a place of gratitude. “How can I be grateful when I am hurting so deeply?” you may be thinking. If this is you, I’d like you to consider something that may seem impossible. It can actually be extremely healing to be grateful not only for our blessings, but also for our pain.

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Gratitude For the Light: Using Shamanic Healing and Healing Touch to Help Set Powerful Intentions for the New Year

After stepping through the past several days of darkness with the New Moon and Winter Solstice, I stand in awe, wonder, and gratitude for the light. The powerful healing potential of this light is made more available with energy medicine practices such as Healing Touch and shamanic healing. Here are some simple reflections on the […]

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Gratitude is Good For MY Health: Meet My Team!

Last week’s article, Gratitude is Good For Your Health, outlined two easy steps to harness the energy of gratitude and use it to improve your health. I hope you’ve had a chance to give it a try. “But,” you might ask, “how do I find the time to add a ‘gratitude practice’ into my already busy […]

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Gratitude is Good for Your Health: 2 Simple Steps

Did you ever realize that gratitude is good for your health? Two years ago, I wrote a blog called What I Wish I Had Said On Thanksgiving. That year, my husband surprised me by inviting one of our newlywed nephews to share a prayer. He then asked everyone to share a moment of gratitude. There […]

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What I Wish I Had Said On Thanksgiving

I have learned something in my shamanic training that has held very true for me: the time just before dawn is an edgy time, when nighttime is over but morning hasn’t quite emerged, when the depths of sleep have ended but wakefulness has not yet taken its place, when there is a quiet stillness that […]