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How Learning Healing Touch Helps Build Empathy

There are many reasons why teaching Healing Touch is so gratifying, but more than anything, I love witnessing the profound evolution that takes place in my students over the course of just a couple of days. One of the first concepts we emphasize is “beginner’s mind.” People come to class from a wide variety of […]

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As Within So Without, As Above So Below

I recently wrote about the changes that are happening all around us and the internal unsettledness that change can create. The implication is that external circumstances have a big affect on how we feel. And it’s no wonder. Distressing events in the news trigger our sense of empathy and challenge our very basic human need for […]

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The Creative Power of Healing Touch

Is Healing Touch more of an art or a science? I’m often asked this and my response is that it’s a wonderful mix of both. We may not be able to see the subtle body or completely understand the mysterious process of energy therapy, but scientific study has shown us that its healing power is […]

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A Poetic Look at Transition

In keeping with the “transitions” theme for March, I turned to my favorite poet, Mary Oliver. “Herons In Winter In the Frozen Marsh” elicits a sense of courage and stoicism, with a bit of ambiguity about the herons’ survival, while ending with a message of hope. I am so moved by this poem because it eloquently […]

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This Isn’t What I Ordered

I had a dream that someone was holding a plate of spaghetti and meatballs in front of me. I heard my voice. “This isn’t what I ordered, but it looks really good.” Then I woke up. Or did I? When we think we are awake, are we really awake? Or are we on auto-pilot, living, […]

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Coping with Caregiver Burnout: Care for the Caregiver

I’d like to share a few vignettes with you. Joyce volunteers once a week at a hospice in-patient unit, offering support to families by answering questions and lending a caring ear. She is surprised to see how many people are part of the healthcare team, not only doctors and nurses but also chaplains, social workers, […]