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The Key to Growing Through Life’s Challenges

In my recent blog, “Gratitude for the Pain,” I wrote that all of life’s challenges have hidden messages and provide opportunities to be grateful for how these challenges actually support our growth. In response, one of my readers sent me a note and shared that several people in his life are dealing with incredible tragedy or […]

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Gratitude for the Pain

As Thanksgiving and the holidays approach, we hear messages everywhere encouraging us to focus on gratitude. But if you are in the midst of pain or distress, it can be extremely difficult to shift into a place of gratitude. “How can I be grateful when I am hurting so deeply?” you may be thinking. If this is you, I’d like you to consider something that may seem impossible. It can actually be extremely healing to be grateful not only for our blessings, but also for our pain.

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Gratitude is Good for Your Health: 2 Simple Steps

Did you ever realize that gratitude is good for your health? Two years ago, I wrote a blog called What I Wish I Had Said On Thanksgiving. That year, my husband surprised me by inviting one of our newlywed nephews to share a prayer. He then asked everyone to share a moment of gratitude. There […]

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Shamanic Healing Takes Us Deeper When We Ask Questions

Olivia came to see me for a shamanic healing session (read last week’s blog) because she was aware of aspects of herself that she didn’t like. She attributed this to a recent trauma and hoped that clearing the trauma would help her be more authentic in her relationships. With each shamanic healing I follow a […]

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What Does a Dead Branch Have to Do With Energy Healing?

The other day, as I was taking my morning walk, I noticed a tree that had a huge dead branch dangling several feet above the street below and it immediately connected me with an important concept in energy healing. Several thoughts went through my mind at once: “Wow, that’s pretty amazing the way that branch […]

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News from Holistic Connections: Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation Announces a $25,000 Grant for Healing Touch Research

    This funding opportunity is open to public and private organizations to determine the efficacy of Healing Touch Level 3 techniques. In 1997, HTWF was originated by Janet Mentgen, founder of Healing Touch Program, as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization with the vision of “Advancing Healing Touch Worldwide.” Their fundraising events and grant […]

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Shamanism and Summertime Are a Perfect Fit

During the summer months, we are surrounded by so much abundance in the natural world. What a great time to harness that energy in a way that mindfully supports our health! Shamanism is specifically designed to do that through spiritual practices and healing methods. In my recent articles I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences with shamanic […]

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A Look Inside My Shamanic Toolbox

The main goal of any energy medicine modality, including Healing Touch, is to help people find relief from illness, pain, and stress by clearing blocked energy and balancing energy. Clients generally feel lighter, calmer, and more vibrant—all qualities that help support healing and maintain good health. What I love about shamanic healing is that it […]