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A Look Inside My Shamanic Toolbox

The main goal of any energy medicine modality, including Healing Touch, is to help people find relief from illness, pain, and stress by clearing blocked energy and balancing energy. Clients generally feel lighter, calmer, and more vibrant—all qualities that help support healing and maintain good health. What I love about shamanic healing is that it […]

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Healing Touch Addresses Chronic Pain Without Medication

Imagine picking up a one-pound rock and holding it in your hand with your arm extended. Easy, right? Keep holding it…keep holding it…and it won’t take long before your arm begins to hurt. The longer you hold the rock, the more it hurts. Of course, you could put the rock down but let’s say you […]

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The Creative Power of Healing Touch

Is Healing Touch more of an art or a science? I’m often asked this and my response is that it’s a wonderful mix of both. We may not be able to see the subtle body or completely understand the mysterious process of energy therapy, but scientific study has shown us that its healing power is […]

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Insights from Sandra Ingerman

I want to share with you something that came to my attention shortly after I sent my last “Health Tip for the Week” urging you to turn off the news and social media. It comes from Sandra Ingerman who is an inspiring and highly regarded shamanic teacher. I saw it on, of all places, Facebook! […]

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2 Simple Tips To Maintain Healthy Boundaries and Improve Relationships

Melanie was a healer, and like many sensitive people (empaths), she felt she took on energies that weren’t hers. She came to me for a good clearing, knowing that Healing Touch is a great way to release congestion from the energy system. At the end of our session, Melanie felt lighter and described a sense […]

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2 Simple Ways To Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Melanie was a healer, and like many sensitive people, she felt she took on energies that weren’t hers. At the end of a recent Healing Touch session, Melanie felt lighter and more clear. A few days later, she reported that her physical senses were sharper and her intuition was stronger. However, she was still feeling […]