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The Surprising Role Self-Forgiveness Plays in Healing

Last week I wrote about how Healing Touch has helped my client Anne look at her chronic illness through a new lens. Over our many sessions together, Anne experienced what she described as a shift from feeling victimized by her illness to surrendering to the healing process. Her energetic shift brought up something that we […]

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Connecting the Dots Between Physical and Emotional Pain

May is Mental Health Awareness month, a fitting time to take a deeper look at how emotional and mental distress can play a part in chronic pain. Earlier this month I gave several examples of how pain can show up not only as migraines, fatigue, and muscle aches, but also as grief and anxiety. I described […]

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Great News for People Suffering from Trauma: Healing Touch Helps!

There is much in the news these days about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Successful treatment usually involves a combination of talk therapy and antidepressant medications. However, a number of other approaches, including Healing Touch, are emerging and gaining traction due to their effectiveness. A recent study was conducted to determine if Healing Touch with guided […]

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Freedom From Pain

We’ve all heard the expression “keep it simple.” I’ve devoted the past 12 years to studying energy medicine, offering Healing Touch and shamanic healing to thousands of clients. I’ve been curious, mystified, and deeply moved by the transformation that energy healing has provided for others and myself. But when trying to explain what I do, […]

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Healing Touch for the Elderly

Barbara is 96, and after being hospitalized for congestive heart failure, she spent two months recuperating in a nursing home rehab facility. Once her progress in physical therapy plateaued, it was determined that she would continue to make good progress at home. Barbara was extremely anxious about returning to her own home. Although she was […]

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Soul Retrieval: Picking up the pieces of our lives

In this month’s article, I share a shamanic healing experience I had with a client who found great relief through soul retrieval. He writes:  “I just wanted to write and thank you for the healing that I received. I have to admit that, even after all of the things I have read and done in […]