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5 Culprits That Lead to Limiting Beliefs and How Healing Touch Can Help

Are you wearing blinders? Last week, I wrote about my client Rauel, who experienced a profound moment in one of our Healing Touch sessions when he was able to let go of limiting beliefs around his worthiness and become more comfortable receiving the goodness in his life. Messages from the past of “you’re worthless” faded […]

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The Energetics of Creativity

Did you take my quiz in last week’s newsletter? I asked: How Well Do You Know Your Creative Energy? When you experience a burst of creativity, where do you feel it in your body? When you experience a block in your creativity, where do you feel that in your body? What color do you associate […]

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The Creative Power of Healing Touch

Is Healing Touch more of an art or a science? I’m often asked this and my response is that it’s a wonderful mix of both. We may not be able to see the subtle body or completely understand the mysterious process of energy therapy, but scientific study has shown us that its healing power is […]