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5 Culprits That Lead to Limiting Beliefs and How Healing Touch Can Help

Are you wearing blinders? Last week, I wrote about my client Rauel, who experienced a profound moment in one of our Healing Touch sessions when he was able to let go of limiting beliefs around his worthiness and become more comfortable receiving the goodness in his life. Messages from the past of “you’re worthless” faded […]

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Healing Touch Addresses Chronic Pain Without Medication

Imagine picking up a one-pound rock and holding it in your hand with your arm extended. Easy, right? Keep holding it…keep holding it…and it won’t take long before your arm begins to hurt. The longer you hold the rock, the more it hurts. Of course, you could put the rock down but let’s say you […]

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Too much on your plate? Try the Chakra Connection.

Do you ever feel as if you’re being pulled in many directions and can’t get anything done? If you’re trying to balance the responsibilities of work and family, keep up with friends, and find time for your own interests and needs, you may feel off-kilter, like you can’t get on track. Your energy has become […]