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Breath: A Powerful Ally for Healing

Have you ever considered your breath as a powerful ally for your healing and overall well being? We know at a physical level that we need breath to keep us alive. With each inhalation, we bring in life-sustaining oxygen and with each exhalation we release carbon dioxide, a substance that can be toxic if the […]

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Health Tip As We Transition from Winter to Spring

As we transition from Winter to Spring, here is a health tip for you. If you think about it, there are many emotions associated with anticipation and transition. This exercise can help you process these emotions: 1) Take a minute to become centered and grounded, breathing in and out slowly, bringing your attention to your heart center, and […]

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Wisdom of the Breath

“I invite you to tune in to your breath. Take a deep breath in…Now, allow yourself to exhale fully. Continue to breathe in…and out…in…and out…With each exhale, begin to feel your muscles becoming soft and warm. Feel your whole body sinking into the table, allowing everything to slowly unwind. Continuing to breathe…if any difficult thoughts […]

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How to Reduce Stress With Centering and Grounding

One of the most common complaints I hear from clients is that they feel stressed. And in this crazy world, who doesn’t? Stress affects our daily lives. It contributes to emotional upheaval, and is now considered a major contributing factor in chronic illnesses. Thankfully, the impact of stress can be significantly reduced with a little […]

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There IS another way.

Imagine the irony. I have just spent ten glorious days on vacation in Cabo San Lucas with my husband and two dear friends. We have enjoyed the beauty of nature at “land’s end,” the tip of the Baja peninsula, with the Sea of Cortez on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Morning […]