Introduction to Healing Touch

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This informative and experiential class will increase your knowledge about energy medicine and Healing TouchEnhance your life and the lives of those around you through understanding the energetic world in which we live and learn simple techniques that you can share.

Katie offers Introduction to Healing Touch in hospitals, healing centers, offices, homes, schools, community centers, and libraries. Contact Katie to set up a presentation in your location.

Healing Touch Level 1 (16-18 CEUs)

Healing Touch Program Description
16 Continuing Education Contact Hours

A course of study toward a certificate of completion in Healing Touch  (HT)  which incorporates a variety of basic to advanced healing modalities.  The program is sequenced in 6 levels allowing participants to move from beginner to advanced practitioner, expert and instructor. Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor is available on application following completion of course work and additional requirements.

Contact Katie to register for a class or to bring a class to your area.

Health Care Integration: How Healing Touch Can Enhance Your Practice

Ideal for a staff in-service in any health care setting: Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Cancer Care, Hospice, and more. Create a practice that embraces the best of modern medicine while providing holistic, compassionate, patient-centered care. Notice the difference in terms of patient satisfaction! For more information, contact Katie.

Anchor Your Intentions With Energy

Ideal at the beginning of the New Year. This workshop provides a framework for creating intentions and working with the Law of Attraction to make those intentions a reality.

Energy Medicine For Everyday People: Holistic Approaches for Assessing your Life and Taking Action in Creative Ways

Be part of the growing community of people who are gathering to enhance their lives with energy medicine. This quarterly workshop offers a variety of approaches and hands-on experiences for embracing a holistic lifestyle that works for YOU. The workshop is a prerequisite for the monthly practice clinic.

“Thanks for the class today. I have been going through a lot of big changes, and it has just been hard trying to transition and still feel balanced and self aware. The class helped to get me somewhat back on track. I look forward to seeing you at your next gathering.  Your classes and knowledge are a blessing.” ~KR (Chicago)

Care for the Caregiver

6697132255_c03c97f1a4Caregiving can take its toll. This workshop addresses the challenges of caregiving, the reality of burnout, and methods for achieving more balance and vitality. Ideal for professional caregivers~nurses, nurse assistants, chaplains, counselors, therapists, doctors, teachers~as well as parents caring for children, and adult children caring for aging parents.

Our recent gathering in De Kalb gave participants the tools we need when someone says, “Don’t forget to take care of yourself.” There IS something we can do.

Contact Katie to schedule a gathering in your location.

Stress Management

We may not be able to eliminate stress, but we can eliminate the impact of stress by cultivating the ability to respond rather than react. Find out how!

Pain Management

Studies have shown the effectiveness of Healing Touch in reducing pain. Experience a Healing Touch session during this workshop, and learn some techniques to do on yourself for greater comfort and reduced need for pain medicine.

Healing Touch for Children (“My Helpful Healing Touch”)

Basic Concepts of Energy Work for children ages 6-12

Children have an innate awareness about energy before they can express it in words. When they are introduced to the concept of healing energy, they become empowered to care and comfort themselves as well as others. This family class helps parents/grandparents/caregivers and children experience the fun and wonder of using energy tools together for greater balance, harmony, and well-being. Twelve basic energy tools are presented for practical everyday use through play, activities, and discussion. For children between 1st and 5th grade accompanied by an adult. Adult comes free with children.

Women’s Weekend of Wellness

Orleans (Cape Cod), Massachusetts

Check the workshop schedule of events for upcoming offerings.

Available to travel to locations for your own gathering of friends or colleagues. Events can also be customized for your home or workplace.

Contact Katie for information.

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