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Looking For Your Calling? Here’s How I Found Mine.

Have you ever felt you were led by Sprit to exactly the right thing in your life? There was a time in my life when I was a happy at-home mom with four children, a tennis club membership, and a rewarding volunteer position at Midwest Palliative and Hospice CareCenter. But as my children got older, […]

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What does it mean to pray with nature?

It was a magnificent autumn day in Colorado. The mountains in the distance, the valley below, and everything around me appeared vibrant and colorful yet serene. My inner landscape, on the other hand, portrayed a much different picture. I was feeling an unidentifiable nagging unsettledness and resistance, difficult to name but somehow knowing it was […]

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What I Wish I Had Said On Thanksgiving

I have learned something in my shamanic training that has held very true for me: the time just before dawn is an edgy time, when nighttime is over but morning hasn’t quite emerged, when the depths of sleep have ended but wakefulness has not yet taken its place, when there is a quiet stillness that […]

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Do Less and Be More: Reflections on Turning 60

Last August, on my 59th birthday, an uneasiness came over me that was difficult to identify. I was experiencing impatience and inner turmoil, overwhelm with all of my activities and commitments, an indefinable fear of the unknown. I found myself in a shake-up that became the impetus for unexpected transformation. I couldn’t figure out why […]