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What is Shamanic Healing?

I’m noticing an increase lately in the number of people contacting me with an interest in shamanic healing. Some have had experience with this beautiful approach and are looking for a practitioner to support their healing journey, but many have only heard about shamanism and want to find out more. My client, Sandy, is a […]

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6 Reasons We Hold Onto Things That No Longer Serve and How Shamanic Healing Helps

This month we have been looking at a great question that my client, Olivia, asked at the end of a recent shamanic healing session: “Why do we hold on to things that no longer serve?” Thanks to Olivia, and all of my readers who provided input, I’ve been able to distill many ideas about this important […]

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Shamanic Healing Takes Us Deeper When We Ask Questions

Olivia came to see me for a shamanic healing session (read last week’s blog) because she was aware of aspects of herself that she didn’t like. She attributed this to a recent trauma and hoped that clearing the trauma would help her be more authentic in her relationships. With each shamanic healing I follow a […]

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Change Is In the Air

What Happened? I stepped away for a week’s vacation and when I returned home everything seemed different. Transitioning back from vacation is always an adjustment, but I had the strange sense I had stepped into a shifted reality. Simply communicating with others was challenging. I felt as if my words were sailing past them. Every […]

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Shamanism and Summertime Are a Perfect Fit

During the summer months, we are surrounded by so much abundance in the natural world. What a great time to harness that energy in a way that mindfully supports our health! Shamanism is specifically designed to do that through spiritual practices and healing methods. In my recent articles I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences with shamanic […]