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Strengthening Your Energetic Boundaries

Have you ever found yourself saying: “Ever since blank I’ve never felt the same.” “I feel drained when I’m around certain people.” “I have a hard time saying no.” “Being an empath is overwhelming. I can’t seem to tune out other people’s emotions.” If so, it’s possible that your energetic boundaries have become compromised. What […]

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Psychological Stress and Heart Health

This month my focus is on the connection between psychological stress and heart health. A recent New York Times article, “Stress May Be Your Heart’s Worst Enemy” outlines the results of a study published in November 2021 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), as well as other studies showing a link between […]

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Gratitude for the Pain

As Thanksgiving and the holidays approach, we hear messages everywhere encouraging us to focus on gratitude. But if you are in the midst of pain or distress, it can be extremely difficult to shift into a place of gratitude. “How can I be grateful when I am hurting so deeply?” you may be thinking. If this is you, I’d like you to consider something that may seem impossible. It can actually be extremely healing to be grateful not only for our blessings, but also for our pain.

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“How Can You Help Me?”

I heard something recently that I have taken to heart: When people ask me, “What do you do?” they’re really asking, “How can you help me?” It’s a great distinction, especially when you’re talking about Healing Touch and shamanic healing because, quite frankly, it can be difficult to find the words to describe the nuances […]

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Gratitude is Good For MY Health: Meet My Team!

Last week’s article, Gratitude is Good For Your Health, outlined two easy steps to harness the energy of gratitude and use it to improve your health. I hope you’ve had a chance to give it a try. “But,” you might ask, “how do I find the time to add a ‘gratitude practice’ into my already busy […]

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Gratitude is Good for Your Health: 2 Simple Steps

Did you ever realize that gratitude is good for your health? Two years ago, I wrote a blog called What I Wish I Had Said On Thanksgiving. That year, my husband surprised me by inviting one of our newlywed nephews to share a prayer. He then asked everyone to share a moment of gratitude. There […]

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What Does a Dead Branch Have to Do With Energy Healing?

The other day, as I was taking my morning walk, I noticed a tree that had a huge dead branch dangling several feet above the street below and it immediately connected me with an important concept in energy healing. Several thoughts went through my mind at once: “Wow, that’s pretty amazing the way that branch […]