Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a holistic, heart-centered energy modality that supports overall well-being. It can help treat illness, stress, emotional concerns and more.

  • Are you suffering from depression, anxiety, grief or problems in your relationships?
  • Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Do you have any physical pain such as migraine headaches, digestive issues, or inflammation, which may be linked to stress?
  • Do you feel stuck in your life, unsure about your life purpose or the next steps you should take in your career or relationships?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Healing Touch can help!


Healing Touch session

How does Healing Touch work?

We are more than our physical body. In addition to the cells, tissues, organs and systems that are beautifully designed to keep us alive and healthy, we also have an energy system comprised of meridians, chakras, and a biofield (aura). This energy system penetrates and surrounds the physical body and supports every aspect of our being.

When we are well, energy flows freely and smoothly and we are able to maintain a natural state of balance. When we are injured, ill, or under stress, the flow of energy becomes blocked or out of balance.

Healing Touch practitioners use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way with non-invasive techniques to clear blockages, improve the flow of energy, and enhance balance and harmony in the energy system, which puts you in a position to self-heal.

Read more about what to expect in a Healing Touch session and the history of Healing Touch.

Sign Up for an Individual Healing Touch Session

Available for in-person or remote sessions via phone or Skype.

60 minutes: $110
75 minutes: $137.50
90 minutes: $165
Remote Healing Special — 30 minutes for only $40! (Through Oct. 31, 2018)
It is recommended that initial appointments last 75 to 90 minutes.

Contact Katie for more information and to schedule your appointment.

Healing Touch

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