Healing the Hara to Find Your Way Home


When I met Genevieve for the first time, she said she had a history of living in darkness and fear. She described herself as being submissive and vulnerable to men and used words like stuck, scared, disconnected, and confused.

As I do with all new clients, I explained that Healing Touch and shamanic healing work with the human energy system–the meridians, chakras, and biofield—to optimize health on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Benefits can include pain relief, stress management, healing from trauma, and can even help clients align with their true purpose.

Genevieve was seeking relief from physical pain due to a possible concussion, but the language she used pointed to issues with her Hara as well. She spoke of an “inability to see” her life and said, “I’m living on my own now, but what am I doing? Where am I headed?”

So, what is the Hara? The Hara can be visualized or experienced as a column of light that anchors us to the core of the Earth and connects us with our Source. This column of light holds the vibration of our intentions, our life purpose, our life lessons, and our reason for being here as spiritual beings in physical form. When aspects of the Hara are blocked or out of alignment, we feel stuck.

But there is something more. The Hara is the foundation of the energy system. In the same way that a house needs a strong foundation, a strong Hara keeps our energy system strong, and this puts us in a position to experience greater health and well being. When the Hara is strong, the healing that we receive will be more effective, lasting, even transformative.

At the end of our session, she said, “My head feels better. I have less pain. I can feel my body again, my bones. I’m here.”

Working with the Hara isn’t something new. I was first introduced to the Hara in my training as a Healing Touch practitioner and found that the Hara Alignment Meditation is a powerful method for self-care and helps prepare me to work with my clients. When I began incorporating Hara alignment and repair techniques into my clients’ sessions, many reported feeling free from old energies and more like themselves.

Interestingly, in the last two months, I’ve noticed a remarkable convergence between my spiritual practices and my more recent studies of the Hara.

Specifically, the Paul Selig teachings have infused me with an inner knowing: “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve.” These three foundational knowings correlate with the three aspects of the Hara: truth, beauty, and goodness. I’ve attended some workshops and learned new techniques that go beyond Hara alignment and repair. They incorporate ways to assess each aspect of the Hara, clear blockages, and increase the flow of communication along the Hara line.

This new level of healing has been incredibly gratifying for me, interesting that “higher” levels of working with the Hara are emerging (we ARE living in a time of transformation on the planet!), and fascinating that this is all aligning with my own spiritual studies with Selig.

The feedback I have received from Genevieve and dozens of other clients has been astounding.

One week after my first appointment with Genevieve, she told me that she could sense a new alignment. “My spirit hasn’t been attuned to it for a long time. I realize how disconnected I have been from my senses. Now it feels like there is more of me here.”

Genevieve said she has started journaling as a way to express her true voice and reorient herself. When we talked about a plan for moving forward, she motioned to her Hara line and said, “I want to continue to recover my soul, to feel strength within myself. I want to keep coming home.”