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Gratitude For the Light: Using Shamanic Healing and Healing Touch to Help Set Powerful Intentions for the New Year

After stepping through the past several days of darkness with the New Moon and Winter Solstice, I stand in awe, wonder, and gratitude for the light. The powerful healing potential of this light is made more available with energy medicine practices such as Healing Touch and shamanic healing.

Here are some simple reflections on the season just completed and ideas for the season we are entering.

As Autumn winds down, the days get darker and darker, inviting us to go deeper and deeper within to simply be still. And in that stillness, we have an opportunity to review where we’ve been, where we are, and where we would like to go. It can be a lot of work. It kind of reminds me of what it feels like to have the stomach flu. Oh, nasty, miserable  stuff. Will it ever end? Then miraculously, 24 hours later – which felt like an eternity – the flu is gone. It might take a few more days to regain our energy and feel like ourselves again, but at least there is reason to believe that all is well.

Likewise, stepping into the silence and darkness of self reflection can be a lot of work, but eventually insights emerge bringing some relief, like that light at the end of a tunnel. The reward, especially at this time of year, is greater clarity about intentions for the New Year.

Though there are still many hours of darkness during the early days of Winter, the Earth is slowly shifting on its axis and beginning to welcome back the light. It’s a perfect time to welcome that light and harness its energy as an impetus for change.

  • Are you looking for an antidote for the busyness of this holiday season?
  • Do you feel like you could use a “reset?”
  • Would you like to welcome this season of light and find clarity for your New Year’s intentions?

A good place to start is to imagine what would you like to be different for you, and the world, in the months and years to come.

I know, from personal experience as well as what I have witnessed in my clients over the course of 15 years, that shamanic healing and Healing Touch can help us release the past and imagine a beautiful future. I invite you to welcome the light with heartfelt gratitude as we heal ourselves and envision a more peaceful world.

Katie Oberlin

A Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Katie received advanced training in shamanic healing at The Power Path School of Shamanism in 2014. Her travels have taken her to power spots in the southwestern United States, as well as Mexico and Peru, where she has worked with shamans from the Q’ero and Shipibo indigenous healing traditions.