Membership Drive

It’s hard to believe! I started writing blogs 5 years ago which eventually evolved into a weekly newsletter in 2015. Over that time, I have watched my readership grow, receiving many positive comments and suggestions along the way.

What motivates me? I’m passionate about holistic healthcare and energy medicine. I’m a connector who loves to exchange ideas. I strive to be of service. That’s what “Holistic Connections” is all about.

Have you enjoyed receiving this newsletter? Maybe you’ve  benefited from the articles and health tips.  Or, maybe curiosity piqued your interest in taking classes or workshops. If so, I’m reaching out to you today to ask 3 favors:

  1. Pass this message on to people you know and suggest that they sign up for Holistic Connections. I currently have 961 readers. My goal is 1000!
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My practice continues to grow by referrals and reviews from my clients and readers. Thanks for recommending Holistic Connections and helping me reach my goals!