The Surprising Role Self-Forgiveness Plays in Healing

Last week I wrote about how Healing Touch has helped my client Anne look at her chronic illness through a new lens. Over our many sessions together, Anne experienced what she described as a shift from feeling victimized by her illness to surrendering to the healing process.

Her energetic shift brought up something that we might not associate with healing: the need for self-forgiveness.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we often blame ourselves for getting sick. When Anne realized where and when she contracted Lyme disease, she blamed herself. Why didn’t I pay better attention? Why didn’t I realize? These kinds of thoughts surfaced during one of our sessions, along with a lot of unshed tears.

Once Anne allowed these feelings to move through her, she was able to find a deeper level of compassion for herself and even come to see that her illness has valuable lessons to offer.

I believe that Healing Touch works so powerfully because it gives clients like Anne the space they need to feel and process a wide range of emotions.

And to arrive at this very important insight:

Your illness is not your fault.

Next week I’ll continue to share Anne’s journey and take another look at the importance of expressing feelings as a way to heal.