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Could Healing Touch Training Be Right For You? Consider the Benefits

Marcy is a busy mom of three who was recently divorced. She once had a dream of working in health care but feels like she missed her opportunity and worries that it’s too late to learn a new skill. She feels stressed and has frequent migraines.

Paul is a physical therapist who loves his work, but sometimes wishes he could offer his clients new ways to deal with chronic pain. He’s interested in exploring a more holistic approach with his clients and colleagues.

Addison is a retired human resources executive who misses the sense of purpose she got from her career and would like to connect with people in a volunteer position.

All three came to a Healing Touch Level 1 training weekend hoping to find a new way to feel healthier and support others. Not only did they learn how to practice energy medicine on others, they each experienced a personal transformation as they learned how to apply energy healing techniques in their everyday lives.

Healing Touch training begins with a Level 1 weekend and brings together men and women with a variety of backgrounds and goals. It’s a comprehensive, standardized curriculum that provides an overview and history of the Healing Touch Program and delivers a solid foundation on the basics of energy medicine.

I begin my teaching on Day 1 with an exercise to center, ground, attune, and set an intention for healing. What starts out as a simple guided meditation becomes the foundation for everything else you learn and practice, not only when administering Healing Touch to others but also as a solid daily practice of self care.

One of my favorite moments during the class is when you begin to experience the “feel” of energy first hand, starting with the energy between your own two hands. Eyes widen and expressions of curiosity begin to emerge: “I feel tingling!” “For me it feels like a magnet.” “I’m sensing some pulsating and warmth.” This energetic vocabulary and higher sense perception continues to grow as you give and receive treatments throughout the two days, not only in terms of kinesthetic sensations but also in terms of intuition and a higher knowing.

Students often report being surprised by how many techniques are covered in Level 1. You’ll practice methods for clearing and balancing blocked or stagnant energy, such as:

  • Magnetic Clearing
  • Mind Clearing
  • The Chakra Connection

And you’ll learn useful techniques for pain management and headache relief, including:

  • Pain Drain
  • Sealing a Wound
  • Clearing a Pain Spike and Pain Ridge

In total, you will learn  to give and receive 12 different methods. But beyond learning the techniques, you’ll experience a transformation during the Healing Touch Level 1 class. You will feel lighter, more in touch with your emotions, and more open to a deepening sense of your life purpose. You will even enjoy laughter and liveliness! The connection you develop with your fellow students becomes a connection with Healing Touch students and practitioners worldwide.

Towards the end of Day 2, I lead a discussion about the personal and professional development of the healer, including Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics. Whether you’re exploring Healing Touch for your own health reasons and to offer to family and friends, or want to become a certified practitioner, you’ll come away with a solid foundation and clarity around next steps.

To learn more about beginning your journey in Healing Touch, check out this video.

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Katie Oberlin

A Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Katie received advanced training in shamanic healing at The Power Path School of Shamanism in 2014. Her travels have taken her to power spots in the southwestern United States, as well as Mexico and Peru, where she has worked with shamans from the Q’ero and Shipibo indigenous healing traditions.