Newsletter 2/10/17

It’s hard to believe it has been more than two months since I last sent this newsletter. Seems it was a tumultuous fall for everyone for a variety of reasons. For me, a whole series of events occurred, including the passing of my mother on December 1st, which sent me on a slightly new trajectory.


During my Winter Solstice meditations, a message came through loud and clear:
 And when I set my intention for 2017,
it boiled down to one simple word:

Of course, my family has always come first. If ever they need me, I’m there for them. But the extra emphasis on family seemed to be significant and somehow unsettling.

I’m still bumbling my way through to the other side of all this, with the help of some wonderful healers, siblings, and friends, but here’s what has emerged:

  • LOTS of sorting and clutter-clearing in my home
  • A fresh coat of paint in a few rooms
  • A new desire to learn about finances
  • A new backyard landscaping project with native plants and trees and a medicine wheel
  • More time spent with my husband and four sons
  • A joyful welcome to a new puppy (a Christmas gift for one of our sons)

Where does this leave my work? My teaching? My writing?

My Healing Touch and shamanic healing practice with one-on-one clients continues to be extremely important and meaningful, as I strive to support others going through their own crises and health challenges.

My teaching is expanding in a variety of ways in an effort to spread the word about energy healing and self care. And I love it!

My writing…well, I’ve been having a difficult time figuring out where that fits. It’s partly about finding the time, but there is also a resistance that has been hard to identify.

I’m beginning to realize it may be related to all that I hear and read in the news and on social media. The commentary and bitterness ad nauseum has provoked a fair amount of internal anxiety and does a good job of feeding into the collective anxiety .

I want to be a voice of love and healing, and take care that my own internal state doesn’t color my message or feed into the global confusion. So, for now, I simply don’t know where that leaves my writing.

What I do know, with all that I do and all that I am, is that I wish to bring HOPE to my family, clients, students, colleagues, friends, even strangers, and especially those drowning in hopelessness.

HOPE is my intention for 2017, and I send it to you with love and many blessings.


Photo by Rob Liano

Health Tip
of the Week:
Turn off the news!

Life can get crazy for all of us, but when we turn off the news, re-center, and re-set our priorities, we are better able to move forward and make a positive difference in our lives and in our world.