2 Powerful Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Katie and Micky-HT

You know how some days are really tough? Maybe you toss and turn at night, worried about your kids, or afraid of what a recent diagnosis might mean; maybe you wake up feeling scattered, stressed, and under the weather.

I’ve been there. And I’ve found some things that can make the difference between survive and thrive.

The methods taught in Healing Touch help alleviate pain, reduce stress, clear the side-effects of medications, and promote a sense of well being.

They have worked for me and I know they can work for you, too.

Whether you want to care for others or are ready to greatly improve the quality of your self-care, Healing Touch has something to offer EVERYONE.

You CAN learn to tap into your healing abilities and improve the quality of your health and wellness. Here are 2 ways:

Schedule a session.

We still have 6 weeks left of summer, but already thoughts are shifting to autumn. Whenever we are transitioning to a new season or situation in our life, our energy can become unsettled. Be proactive. Healing Touch will leave you feeling lighter, balanced, and ready to step into each new season of your life. Contact Katie to schedule your appointment.

Sign up for a class.

Healing Touch Level 1 is the “bread and butter”of the Healing Touch Program.

For healthcare professionals who want to be on the cutting edge of holistic healthcare, this class is for you. You will deepen your professional growth with leaders in the field of energy medicine, earn 16 CEUs, experience hands-on healing, and build community. Learn more here.

For everyday people who want to improve the quality of their life, this class is for you, too. After your first Healing Touch class you will possess a life-changing gift that will support your well- being and facilitate the healing process for yourself and others. Learn more here.

The next Level 1 Healing Touch class is September 10-11, 2016 at the Cancer Wellness Center in Northbrook. The deadline for the $25 early-bird discount is August 19th, so sign up today!

Contact Katie for information and registration. Hope to see you there!