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The Essence of Healing Touch

The other day, I received a message from Steve, a client who received Healing Touch to assess his energy and support a transition in his life involving, as he described, “some kind of an awakening process,” with things changing on almost a daily basis. Steve asked,

Which of the two metaphors would you say is more applicable to your work? 

“Is it like peeling an onion with the work going deeper as new things emerge? OR Is it like maintaining a car, making sure all systems are working as they should?”

Great question, Steve!  As it turns out, both metaphors are applicable to Healing Touch. 

When I begin each session, I visualize the essence that lies within each of us that is already perfect, healthy, whole.

To me, it looks like a beautiful shining spark of light. It feels expansive, peaceful, and deep. Over a lifetime of experiences, we build up energetic material that can eventually feel like a heavy coat of armor that hides our radiance. This armor affects us in many ways, such as muscle tension, back pain, inflammation in the gut, mental overload, depression, anxiety, or a sense of feeling aimless in our lives. Through a variety of clearing methods, we are able to “peel the layers.” Often, as one layer is released, another layer underneath is able to come to the surface for clearing, and so on. This explains why we often experience a sense of lightness at the end of a session, as if a weight has been lifted. 

Of course, “maintenance” is important as well. When we embrace a path of healing our intention is to resolve past issues AND manage the present stressors of everyday life. Otherwise, these stressors become part of the armor. My approach is to remain heart-centered, meet each client where they are, facilitate their healing, and offer suggestions for self care and stress management. 


Like a cloudy day, we often forget that beyond the clouds the sun is still shining. Ultimately, we “peel the layers” of our   past and dedicate ourselves to “maintenance” through ongoing self care so that our inner light can shine forth.

This is the essence that lies within each of us that is already perfect, healthy, and whole.


Katie Oberlin

A Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Katie received advanced training in shamanic healing at The Power Path School of Shamanism in 2014. Her travels have taken her to power spots in the southwestern United States, as well as Mexico and Peru, where she has worked with shamans from the Q’ero and Shipibo indigenous healing traditions.