Healing Touch Level 1 ~ April 11-12


APRIL 11-12


I’m looking forward to offering Healing Touch Level 1 in three weeks, April 11-12, 2015! This class is considered the “bread and butter” of the Healing Touch Program. This class is geared for healthcare providers as well as the general public. For those familiar with Healing Touch, consider repeating the class for a great refresher. I am always amazed by how much more deeply the teachings go each time I repeat a class! Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested.

Many thanks and blessings to all.

~Katie Oberlin, HTCP/I/QM

Healing Touch Certified Practitioner

Healing Touch Certified Instructor

HTP Qualified Mentor

Location: Cancer Wellness Center, 215 Revere Drive, Northbrook, IL

Date: April 11-12, 2015

Time: 8:30 am-6:00 pm both days

Tuition: $365 ~ Save $25 if you register by March 21st. ($265 for full-time students)

Are you ready to learn natural ways to help yourself and loved ones feel better?

This Healing Touch weekend workshop is an experiential course where you will learn how to use your hands to promote relaxation and well-being, relieve headaches, pain, congestion, and stress.

What is Healing Touch? Healing Touch is a gentle, complementary energy-based approach to health and healing. The goal is to restore harmony and balance to the human energy system through a heart-centered caring relationship and the use of contact/non-contact touch. This can greatly assist the body and mind in its natural ability to heal.  Healing Touch is an evidence based practice that offers continuing education for nurses and massage therapists.

Healing Touch:

• Utilizes off body or light touch methods that clear congestion, relieves pain, facilitates balance & promotes mind-body-spirit healing

• An international certification program

• A holistic practice that demonstrates Caring Science/Caring Theory (Dr. Jean Watson)

• Research based (www.HealingTouchResearch.com)

• Integrated in over 40 hospitals; Taught in over thirty countries

• Endorsed by American and Canadian Holistic Nurses’ Associations

Add this life-changing gift to your skills to help others as you deepen your personal and professional growth.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: all levels of health practitioners and interested lay people.

Level 1 Objectives:

• Describe the human energy system relation to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health

• Discuss energy principles basic to Healing Touch

• Assess the energy field and energy centers

• Identify a basic Healing Touch sequence

• Demonstrate specific intervention techniques used in Healing Touch

• Discuss applications of Healing in personal and professional practice

Level 1 Course Content:

• Basics of chakras, energy system and energy field

• Meditation for centering and maintaining energy

• Principles and practice of Healing Touch

• Selected Intervention techniques: Basic Healing Touch Sequence, Magnetic Clearing, Chakra Connection (1 on 1, 2 on 1, self), Headache Techniques (tension, migraine & sinus), Ultrasound, Laser, Chakra Spread, Scudder (optional) and Mind Clearing (optional)

• Principles of self healing

• Development of the healer

• Legal and professional aspects of touch therapies

To Register:  Please complete the brochure and mail to:

Katie Oberlin 510 Thornwood Lane, Northfield, IL

or call Katie at  847-736-5911

2014 Healing Touch Registration

Level: 1      

Date: April 11-12, 2015

Instructor: Katie Oberlin

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________ $365 Tuition

________ $340 for early bird-register by March 21, 2015

________ $340 AHNA or HTPA Member

________ $265 Full time student (Include copy of ID)

________ $265 Repeater

The course workbook is included in the tuition fee

_______ Amount enclosed (Check payable to Katie Oberlin)

(Minimum deposit is $100, full payment is welcome)

Payment also available by credit card: https://holistic-connections.net/make-a-payment/

If you choose this option, please remember to still fill out and mail or email the registration form.

Instructor:  Katie Oberlin, MAT/HTCP/HTCI/QM                                                     

Master of Arts in Teaching; Healing Touch Certified Practitioner; Healing Touch Certified Instructor; HTP Qualified Mentor

Katie taught high school and college biology for several years and has been working in Healing Touch and integrative medicine since 2003. Her workshops encourage lively discussion and offer ample time for hands-on practice.

Katie is committed to Healing Touch because:
“I believe that profound transformation is possible, both individually and globally, when we address the root cause of our illnesses and imbalances and take action energetically and holistically. Like a ripple in a pond, when we improve our own health, we have a positive impact on ourselves, others and our world.”

This class grants 16 continuing education contact hours. 

Healing Touch Program is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Credentialing Center’s COA.