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Focus: Think About What You Want

“Think about what you want, not what you don’t want. Guard your thoughts carefully because they create your experiences.”

~Doreen Virtue

There are a couple of compelling reasons why it is a good time to go inward and consider what you would like to manifest in your life.

Today happens to mark the new moon. Whenever the monthly cycle brings us to this moment of darkness, there is a sense of quiet, peaceful contemplation. It is as though nature is guiding us, encouraging us to follow her example.

We also find ourselves in one of those in-between times of the year. Autumn seems to be behind us. The trees no longer bear their awesome display of gold, red, and orange here in the Midwest. Winter has not yet arrived, but we feel a nudging that change is coming .

It won’t be long before people are talking about New Year’s resolutions–a topic that can create a bit of angst and put us on a guilt trip for all the broken resolutions from years gone by. This time around, we can choose to do things differently. Approach it gradually rather than waiting until December 31st. Allow nature to support you. Take some time to sit quietly and name one thing that is geting your attention. Is it something new, different, wonderful? Is it a renewed commitment to an already-established goal? Either way, today is a great day to begin formulating in your mind what you want.

Katie Oberlin

A Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Katie received advanced training in shamanic healing at The Power Path School of Shamanism in 2014. Her travels have taken her to power spots in the southwestern United States, as well as Mexico and Peru, where she has worked with shamans from the Q’ero and Shipibo indigenous healing traditions.